Looking for Affordable Musical Instruments for Sale?

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Calling all budding musicians: Golden Pawn & Jewelry carries musical instruments that don't cost a fortune. Our selection is expansive and ever-changing, so you're sure to find something new every time you visit our pawn shop in Kentwood, MI.

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Jamming with your band? You can purchase a new or gently used saxophone, drum set, keyboard or other jazz instrument.
Shredding on a guitar? We've got plenty of high-quality guitars to choose from.
Making music? Check out our selection of speakers and recording equipment.

Stop by our pawn shop today to purchase used audio equipment or an instrument.

Cash in your old instrument or sound equipment

Cash in your old instrument or sound equipment

Maybe you haven't touched your instrument in decades or you'd like to upgrade to studio-quality recording equipment. Instead of letting it take up space in your closet, sell your used audio equipment or instrument for cash at Golden Pawn & Jewelry.

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